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20 ideas for your Instagram to build brand & trust with your followers!✌️

Updated: Mar 14

Hey! We all know the benefits of a great engaging social media following & powerful online presence we don't have to tell you anything about that 😜, but we can definitely help you save your valuable time.

So we have compiled a list of 20 ideas for 20- 30 days of content, that you can use on your reels & shorts to get great engagements.



  1. Educational posts about ingredients, skincare routines, and makeup techniques.

  2. Sneak peeks of new products and upcoming releases.

  3. Polls and surveys ask followers about their preferences and opinions.

  4. Multiple situations when the same products can be used.( 1 every week & add them to your highlights with the product name )

  5. Humorous memes and GIFs related to the brand's products.

  6. Inspirational quotes and affirmations.

  7. Product comparisons and dupe lists.

  8. Interactive quizzes and games related to the brand's products.

  9. Product tutorials and how-to guides.

  10. Behind-the-scenes interviews with brand ambassadors or employees.

  11. Referral and affiliate collaborations.

  12. Limited stock alerts. (Stock Refills)

  13. Industry news and trends: We can share updates on industry news, trends, and innovations.

  14. Interactive posts: Create interactive posts that ask for feedback from your followers, or encourage them to share their own experiences using your products.

  15. Lifestyle content: Share lifestyle content that your target audience would find interesting, such as beauty tips, fashion advice, and wellness tips.

  16. Behind-the-scenes glimpses of product development.

  17. Limited-time offers and promotions.

  18. Contests and giveaways for followers.

  19. User-generated content featuring real customers using the products.

  20. Short, animated videos showcasing the brand's products.

I hope these ideas will help in creating engaging content that provides value to your followers and promotes your ayurvedic cosmetic e-commerce brand.


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